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Adjustable Rates
Bankruptcy Chapter 7
Bankruptcy Chapter 13
Behind on Mortgage Payments
Bills too High
Builders Have Lots of Houses
Child Support - Paying
Child Support - Not being paid
Commercial Property
Competing with New Construction
Credit Card Debt
Death in the Family
Double Mortgage Payments
Expired Listing
Foreclosure Auction
Gas Prices / Inflation
House Needs Repairs
Inherited Estate
Injury, Illness, Disability
Investors buying from Investors
Land for Sale
Liens, Judgments
Lose your job
Multi-Family for sale
No Equity, Low Equity, 100% Financed
Out of the Country, Abroad
Pre-payment Penalty
Relocation? Job Transfer?
Retirement - Reduced Income
Save Your Credit
Tenants in your House
Tired of Being a Landlord
Vacant House


I Buy Houses Louisville, KY
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We Buy Houses Cash, LLC
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Buy my house fast!
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We Buy Jefferson County Houses
We Buy Bullitt County Homes
We Buy Oldham County Houses
We Buy Shelby County Homes
We Buy Houses in LaGrange
We Buy Homes in Shepherdsville
We Buy Houses in Mount Washington


Avoid Foreclosure KY

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Rental Houses Louisville

*If your house is in foreclosure it will take longer than 7 days to buy it. But please call us, we can still help!


We Buy Houses Cash, LLC

Sell Your House in 7 Days or Less!
We are professional, local - right here in Louisville!
I Buy Houses in Louisville Kentucky KY Jefferson County and surrounding areas
We can buy your home!

Reasons People Want and Need to Sell Houses
Adjustable Rates Killing You?
Alimony Payments
Bankruptcy Chapter 7
Bankruptcy Chapter 13
Behind on Mortgage Payments
Bills are too high!
Builder with Lots of Houses
Car Accident - Loss of Income
Child Support - Paying
Child Support not being paid
Commercial Property and land
Competing with New Construction
Credit Card Debt
Disability Approval Delayed
Death in the Family
Divorce and/or Child Support
Domestic Violence
Double Mortgage Payments
Drug Problems
DUI - Unable to Work
Expired Listing
Facing Foreclosure
Foreclosure Auction
Funeral Costs
Gas Prices / Inflation
Get out of House Payments
House Needs Repairs
How much will it cost?
How to stop Foreclosure
Inherited Estate
Injury, Illness, Disability
Investors Selling
Land for Sale
Liens, Judgments
Loss of Job
Multi-family buildings
No Equity, 100% Financed
Out of the Country/State
Pre-payment Penalty
Relocation, Job Transfer
Retirement - Reduced Income
Save Your Credit
Tenants in House
Tired of Being a Landlord
Vacant House

We are members of the Better Business Bureau.
Check out our Better Business Bureau report 

Do you own an unwanted house in the Louisville, KY area and want to sell your house quickly? If you are thinking "Who can buy my house now fast?"
Call NOW for immediate assistance!
(502) 458-3333 or (502) 895-3100
Quick cash, no commissions, no fees
Any area, any condition, any price

We buy expensive pretty houses, too!
We are investors / home buyers who have bought hundreds of houses in Jefferson, Oldham and Bullitt Counties. We pay high prices, otherwise so many people wouldn't have sold their houses to us. We don't make ridiculous low-ball offers. You don't have to "give it away". Many home sellers netted more money at closing than they would if they sold their home by themselves or through a real estate agent. We have helped many people. Please try us, we're just a phone call away. Ask us how to avoid foreclosure and how to stop foreclosure. Every seller's situation is unique. We customize and personalize the solutions that will be best for you. We take the time to listen to you and analyze with you, to understand your concerns and your financial needs. We do business professionally with integrity!

Call us at (502) 458-3333 or 895-3100 for a free consultation TODAY.
Click here to sell your house in 7 days or less!

If you have a home for sale in the Louisville, Kentucky area, we may be able to help.
We Get Results!
If your house is in foreclosure we can still buy it and do our best to close as soon as the bank will allow,
however that will take more than 7 days.


Click here to read a first-hand testimonial of how we have helped someone sell their house fast and avoid foreclosure!

Many sellers have sold us their house for the speed and convenience, and not because of a financially distressed situation. We buy houses in any area, any condition, and any price.  If the home you own qualifies, we make an offer, and once we agree on a selling price, we can usually bring cash to the table and close in 7 days or less!  If we buy the house, we will take care of the repairs.  We will also take over your payments, take care of the paper work, pay back taxes, close quickly, and bring cash to the closing table. We have helped many people stop foreclosure, stop4closure, avoid foreclosure and avoid the need to file bankruptcy on house payments. We have helped many people preserve their credit and even rebuild their credit. Call us now and learn how we did it.

We Buy Houses, Any area, any condition, any price range!
We buy expensive, PRETTY HOUSES and Luxury Homes, too!
We routinely buy houses in the $125,000 to $250,000+ range.
You don't have to be behind on payments to call us. We have bought many houses from sellers with perfect payments and perfect credit - they just liked the convenience of a "no-hassle sale"

Are you asking yourself: how will I sell my house without spending tons of money fixing it up first?  How can I sell my house quickly? Sell my house fast in Louisville Kentucky? How can I get quick cash for my house?"  Call We Buy Houses Cash, LLC.  If we buy the house for sale, you will not have to worry about these!

Have you asked yourself: how to save my home from foreclosure or how to save your home from foreclosure? Call us now for answers.


Want to learn more about avoiding foreclosure?
Visit http://www.avoidandstopforeclosurelouisvillekentucky.com

Need Quick Cash? Bought another house? Divorce? Foreclosure? Need repairs? Relocating? 100% financed? Bad tenants? Double Payments? Inheritance? House too small? House too new? Competing with newer houses? Do you need to avoid foreclosure or stop foreclosure?

Behind on payments? Foreclosure, divorce, bankruptcy - we have many people in these situations. We buy houses in the East End, West End, South End, Jefferson County, Oldham County, Bullitt County, Shepherdsville, and many other Louisville Kentucky areas and subdivisions.  Ugly houses, pretty houses, and everything in between.  If you have any questions about selling a home in the Louisville KY area, contact us. 

Selling your house so you can buy a brand new home? Here's a partial list of Louisville area builders:
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Ray Haines -
Allstate Builders, Inc.

Amos Martin - Amos Martin Construction, Rocco Pigneri - Ball Homes, J. Regan yrnes - Benchmark Homes, Inc., Dave Smith - Blacksmith Homes, Brad Hicks -Bradley Homes, Buddy Bramer- Bramer Built Homes, Howard Ferriell - Bramer-Ferriell, Inc., Barry Buffat - Buffat Builders, Walt Schumm - C.D. LLC, Glenn Cain -
Cain Built Homes, Steve Carricato - Carricato Builders, Lindsey Raidt - Chenoweth Construction, Chris Carey - Chris Carey Builders, Clifford Thieneman - Clifford Thieneman Builders, Ron Colyer - Colyer Construction, David Carey - David Carey Custom Builders, Dave Richardson - David Richardson Builder, Richard Miles - Dogwood Homes, Jeffrey Lawson - Double L Construction, Dan Duncan - Duncan Built Homes, Joe & Rocky Pusateri - Elite Homes, Ellery Esposito - Ellery Esposito Construction, Scott Ellis - Ellis & Ellis Construction, Ryan English - English Enterprises, Phil Fackler -  Fackler Homes, French & Condor - French & Condor, Gerald Dadisman - Gerald Dadisman Homes, Gordon Hettinger, Jr .- Tergeo Corporation, Glen Cain - Cain Built Homes, Rick Burnette - Rick Burnette Builder, Buddy Jaha - Jaha Company Builders, Inc., Jerry Parker - Jerry Parker Builder, Inc., John Morris - Kentucky Quality Homes, Billy Doelker - Key Homes, Vince Kimbel - Kimbel Construction, David Landis - Landis Homes, Curt Lawson - Lawson/Anderson Builders, Mark Isaacs - Legacy Homes, Dan Lows - Liberty Builders, Mark Highbaugh - Mark Highbaugh, Lisa Meyer - Meyer Built Homes, Fred Andres Jr - Miter Construction Co., Inc., Jason & Mike Montgomery - Montco Builders, Johnny Moore - Moore Built Homes, Joseph Morris - Morris Brothers Construction, Terry O'Rourke - O'Rourke & Associates, Perry Lyons - P.L. Lyons, Scott Yates - Paragon Homes, Mike Fogel - Protégé Properties, Pat Thieneman-Seitz - Thieneman Seitz Construction, Sid Anderson -
SJ Anderson Company, Carl Baker - Sterling Development, Steve Deneen - Steve Deneen, Jason Black & David Lutes - Stonecroft Homes, George Miller - Suburban Construction, Donna Dusel - Tectonics Inc, Clay Jones - The Jones Group, Adams Lurding - The Lurding Company, TerMar Builders - Toby Wright, Rick Burnett - Trimworks, Kurt Vezner - VBD & Associates, Tim Weller - Weller Built Homes, Ron Wolford - Wolford Built Homes, Tony Tingle - Sanctuary Homes

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You can search MLS listings Louisville and heardly ever find a rent to own home. Click on YourNewHomeToday.com to find owner financed listings.

Need to move into an apartment? Here's a partial list of Louisville area apartment complexes:
The Paddock at Eastpoint, Jamestown Apartments, Westport Gardens, Camden Meadows, Fenwick Place Apartments, East Chase, Camden Prospect Park, Crescent Centre, Camden Brookside, Cypress Pointe, Camden Downs, Champion Farms at Springhurst, Summit Place, Cardinal Village, Royal Arms, Woodbridge, Churchill Park, La Fontenay, Camden Oxmoor, Plainview, Rolling Hills, Creekside at St. Mathhews, Barrington Place, Country Acres, Knights St. Johns, Silver Springs, Greenwood Place, The Crossing at Bent Creek, Mayflower, Mallard Crossing, The Legends at Indian Springs, Villas at Forest Springs, Hurstbourne Grand, Washington Park, Barrington Place, Summit Place, Fountain Square, Cedar Grove, Blankenbaker Crossings, Four Seasons, Regent Park, Douglass Park, Crowne at the Summit, Garden Gate, Countrybrook Estates, St. Francis, Kentucky Towers, Partridge Meadows, Raintree Gardens, Canter Chase, Bardstown Forest, Devonshire, Eastridge, Tanglewood, Maple Brook, White Oak Park, Aspenwood, Renaissance Lofts, Southgate, McArthur Park, The 800 Luxury Apartments, Shelby Crossings, Terrace at Forest Springs, Lyndon Crossings, Park Laureate, Hikes Lane Apartments, Oxford, Overlook at St. Thomas, Park Chateau, Park Laureate, Parliment Square, Pennacook, Phoenix Hill Townhouses, Phoenix Place, Pine Club, Pinehearst, Post Grove, Post Oak, Preston Lee, Ravenwood, Regency Park, Ridgewood, River Oak, River Park, Country Acres, Forsythia Court, Fountain Square, Green Meadows, McArthur Park, Roanoke, The Crossings at Bent Creek, The Imperial House, Vieux Carre, Eagles Eyrie, Waterford, Camelot, Westport Gardens, Park Lake Village

We buy houses in the following zip codes in the Jefferson, Bullitt and Oldham county area: (this is just a partial list)
40203, 40204, 40205, 40206, 40207, 40208, 40210, 40211, 40213, 40214, 40215, 40216, 40209, 40210, 40211, 40212, 40213, 40214, 40215, 40216, 40217, 40218, 40219, 40220, 40221, 40222, 40223, 40224, 40225, 40226, 40227, 40228, 40229, 40241, 40245, 40258, 40272, 40299, 40165, 40047, 40014, 40031, 40056

WeBuyHousesLouisvilleky and We Buy Houses Cash, LLC covers areas that include Highlands, Germantown, Crescent Hill, St. Matthews, PRP Pleasure Ridge Park, Valley Station, Shively, Fairdale, Iroquois, Beuchel, Highview,  Okolona, Fern Creek, Oxmoor Mall area, Hikes Point, Billtown Farms, Greenridge Estates, Grandel Farms, Windsor Forest, New Cut Road, Yorktown, Greenbelt, Eastpoint, Cedar Lake, Watterson, Gene Snyder, Valley Gardens, Valley Village, Woodridge Lake, Austin Woods, Douglass Hills, Hurstbourne, Candlelight, Confederate Acres, Holly Hills, Stoneridge, Treeline Estates, Bardstown Woods, Watterson Woods, Oxmoor, Bridlewood, Camp Taylor, Cedar Creek, Charleswood, Cinderella Estates, Cooper Farms, Fegenbush, Heritage Creek, Jefferson Forest, Preston Park, Lake Forest, Acadey Ridge, Smyrna Crossings, Scottsdale, Summit Shopping Center area, Central Business District, Croftboro Farms, Hwy 22, Hwy 53, Buckner, Pewee Valley, J-Town, Middletown, Shepherdsville, Ky, Metro Louisville KY, Mt. Washington, Hunters Creek, Hillview, Highview, St Matthews, Greenfield Park, McNeely Lake, Pioneer Village, Anchorage, Doe Valley, Eastwood, Goshen, Bowman, Harrods Creek, Bashford Manor, Mall St. Matthews Area, Hurstbourne, Taylorsville Road, Plainview, Hikes Point, Pewee Valley, Saratoga Woods, Oakland Hills, Woods of Farnsley Moorman, Gene Syder Expressway I-265, Watterson Expressway I-264, Washington Green, Jefferson Mall area, Colony Center, Indian Falls, Highlands, Woodridge Crossings, Bannon Crossing, Cherrywood Place, Woods of Landis Lakes, Seaton Springs, Windgate Meadows, Taylor Blvd, Churchill Downs area, the South End of Louisville, East End of Louisville, Westport Road, Golf Course communities, Meade County, Hardin County, Spencer County, LaGrange, La Grange, Crestwood, Prospect, and other beautiful neighborhoods in the Louisville Kentucky area!

We Buy Houses Cash, LLC is affiliated with David Halpern, a real estate broker in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. When buying houses, David Halpern is not acting as an agent for the seller and does not charge any real estate commissions or fees. Our office is located at 1815 Frankfort Ave., Louisville, KY 40206

We are local to Louisville KY, but there are real estate professionals who buy houses in all 50 states: Alabama AL, Alaska AK, Arizona AZ, Arkansas AR, California CA, Colorado CO, Connecticut CT, Delaware DE, Florida FL, Georgia GA, Hawaii HI, Idaho ID, Illinois IL, Indiana IN, Iowa IA, Kansas KS, Kentucky KY, Louisiana LA, Maine ME, Maryland MD, Massachusetts MA, Michigan MI, Minnesota MN, Mississippi MS, Missouri MO, Montana MT, Nebraska NE, Nevada NV, New Hampshire NH, New Jersey NJ, New Mexico NM, New York NY, North Carolina NC, North Dakota ND, Ohio OH, Oklahoma OK, Oregon OR, Pennsylvania PA, Rhode Island RI, South Carolina SC, South Dakota SD, Tennessee TN, Texas TX, Utah UT, Vermont VT, Virginia VA, Washington WA, West Virginia WV, Wisconsin WI, Wyoming WY

other websites: stop4closure.com stopforeclosure.com stopforeclosure avoidforeclosure avoid4closure avoidforeclosure.com

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We Buy Houses All
Over Louisville Including:
Academy Estates
Academy Ridge
Arlington Meadows
Artisan Park
Austin Woods
Ballard Place
Ballard Woods
Bannon Crossing
Bardstown Woods
Barour Manor
Bashford Manor
Bashford Place
Beuchel Terrace
Billtown Farms
Bolling Brook
Bowman Field
Bowman Manor
Bridlewood Estates
Bridlewood Trails
Brooks Acres
Brooks Hickory Hollow
Brookshire Village
Brooks Station
Buckeye Trace
Buckingham Estates
Camp Taylor
Cedar Brook
Cedar Cove
Cedar Creek
Cedar Dale
Ceder Falls
Cedar Glen
Ceder Hills Acres
Cedar Lake Place Park
Cedar Pointe
Cedar Springs
Ceder Street Gardens
Cedar Village
Charlane Height
Charlene Heights
Cherokee Court
Cherokee Gardens
Cherokee Hills
Cherokee Triangle
Cherokee View
Cherokee Village
Cherrywood Place
Confederate Acres
Cooper Farms
Coopers Addition
Coxs Acres
Crescent Hill
Cress Brook
Crestview Estates
Crestview Terrace
Croftboro Farms
Douglass Hills
Douglass Pointe
Douglass Woods
Eastwood Estates
Eastwood Highlane
Fairway Acres
Fairview of J-Town
Fairwood Oaks
Falls Creek
Fawn Lakes
Fegenbush Meadow
Fegenbush Place
Fern Creek
Ferndale Acres
Forest Hills
Forest Nook
Forest Retreat
Forest Ridge
Forest Springs North
Fox Boro
Fox Chase
Fox Harbor
Fox Lair
Fox Ridge
Fox Run
Fox Trail
Foxwood Estates
Glenda Lynn
Glen Lakes
Glen Oaks
Glenside Manor
Goshen Hills
Grendel Farms
Greenbelt Park
Greenfield Park
Greenridge Estates
Grey Oaks
Harrods Creek Estates
Heritage Creek
Hunters Creek
Indian Falls
J-Town (Jeffersontown)
Lake Forrest
Magnolia Ridge
McNeely Lake
Memory Place
Metro Louisville
Mockingbird Gardens
Mockingbird Valley
Morgan Place
Norton Commons
Oakland Hills
Oxmoor Woods
Persimmon Ridge
Pewee Valley
Pioneer Village
Pleasure Ridge Park - PRP
Polo Fields
Preston Park
Regency Woods
River Creek
River Glenn
Saratoga Springs
Saratoga Woods
Seaton Place
Seaton Springs
Seaton Woods
Smyrna Crossings
Stone Creek
Stone Lakes
St. Matthews
Taylor Blvd
Taylorsville Road
The Cottages at Grey Oaks
The Estates at Gray Oaks
The Landings
The Reserve at Glenmary
The Woods of Saint Thomas
Treeline Estates
Tucker Lake Estates
Valley Gardens
Valley Station
Valley Village
Washington Green
Water Glen
Watterson Woods
Westport Road
Windgate Meadows
Windsor Forest
Wolf Pen Woods
Woodridge Crossings
Woodridge Lake
Woods of Farnsley Moorman
Woods of Landis Lakes


LouisvilleShortSaleExpert.com is not associated with the government, and its services have not been approved by the government or the consumer’s lender.
Your lender may not agree to change your loan and/or agree to a short sale.
If you stop paying your mortgage, you could lose your home and damage your credit rating.
You can stop doing business with LouisvilleShortSaleExpert.com at any time.
You can accept or reject any offer LouisvilleShortSaleExpert.com obtains from your lender.
If you reject the offer, you don’t have to pay the company’s real estate commission as outlined in the listing agreement.
There is no guarantee you will get the results you seek from a short sale. LouisvilleShortSaleExpert.com does not provide legal advice. Seek legal counsel.
Should you hire LouisvilleShortSaleExpert.com, you may still communicate with your own lender. LouisvilleShortSaleExpert.com and any of their representative agents will not charge upfront fees under any circumstances to the homeowner.

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We Buy Houses Cash, LLC 895-3100
Check out our Better Business Bureau report 
1815 Frankfort Avenue
Louisville, Kentucky 40206
LouisvilleShortSaleExpert.com is a licensed Real Estate Company in Kentucky. The real estate broker is David Halpern.